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Summer Slide (13Wx24Lx14H)
Summer Slide (13Wx24Lx14H)
 Perfect for every party or event on a beautiful Hawaiian day! This  wet or dry slide will keep your kids and guests having fun all day long. Have your kids walk up the right side area where you can slide down this fun-fulfilled 14FT High enormous slide. You can even have challenges, where kids climb and slide down together. The fastest down WINS!! Fill this inflatable slide up with water and you turn a “Hot” day into an impressive thrill-filling day. This is the Hottest slide on the market today!! Safety is our main concern, therefore, we can insure you each one of our technicians’ and operators are fully certified and highly insured for easy delivery, set-up and take-down. Furthermore, this inflatable slide has a top safety lip to ensure all riders slide down properly. As always be safe and have fun!!
3D Image is courtesy of Ninja Jump.
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Rental Price: $355.00
Special Price: $299.00

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Q.: How long is your rental period?
A.: Our standard rental time is 8-hours. If your party is less than 8-hours we can arrange an early pick up.
Q.: What if it rains or there is inclement weather?
A.: We at Hawaii Bouncers take weather seriously. We always review weather patterns through all available means 2 hours prior to delivery. If we determine such cancellations due to inclement weather are needed, your deposit will be fully refunded. Otherwise all other cancellation due to customer decision will be forfeited.
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