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Aloha and welcome to our website! We at Hawaii Bouncers specialize in providing premier Hawaii inflatable party rentals and supplies for all of your party needs. Our business name “Ohana” is derived from the Hawaiian word meaning “family or extended family.” We are a local family-based business with over 21 years experience in the business industry looking to extend as much Ohana fun to your Hawaii event party as possible.

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Local Family Owned and Operated!

We started this inflatable party rental business because we were inspired by our son who absolutely had a blast with the inflatable and all the concessions (cotton candy and shaved ice) we rented for his Hawaiian birthday party. Let’s just say he totally loved it!! It wasn’t just our son though; all the children and many adults at the party loved jumping around inside the Spiderman themed bouncer we rented. All the kids were taking turns and must have been jumping around in the inflatable bounce house for over 8-hours straight. It was truly inspirational to see our son and all his birthday party buddies, friends and family members interacting with the one another and having such a great time, smiling, laughing and simply having lots of fun!!

Youth is such a wonderful thing; start your party off with a smile and live life to the fullest; Have fun!!

Inflatable Bouncers clearly provide a tremendous amount of fun for all the kids, family members and certainly bring another form of entertainment throughout your party and beyond. I highly recommend renting one, two or more for all your parties what ever the theme or event size may be.

Our goal is to provide you with the most choices of inflatable’s and party supply rentals at competitive and affordable pricing. Additionally, we pride ourselves in delivery the safest, highest insured and cleanest products to you for your party needs wherever it may be; Islandwide. All of our employees are highly certified in the safe operation, delivery, set up, take down and removal of all of our inflatable bounce houses or slides. We have worked with hundreds of schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as directly with consumers in delivery the best products for your party needs.

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